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George Culley With over 38 years experience in solving draught excluder, draught proofing, draft proof or extrusion solutions in rubber, aluminium and plastics, taking plain concepts using first class components and turning them into real good working products.

We are manufacturers of Industrial Seals, Silicone Extrusions, Draught Excluders, Draught proofing, Weather stripping, Brush Seals, Brush Strip, Strip Brush, Door Seals, Rubber Extrusions, Plastic Extrusions, EPDM Extrusions, Rubber Mouldings, Gaskets, Washers, Neoprene, Silicone tubing. We have the facilities and are able to offer fabrication of rubber and plastic. We are also able to source some of the difficult to locate engineering components including a full range of O-rings, washers and spacers in any material. Many extrusion dies are available with realistic lead times. We would be pleased to quote for any of the following products or services.

We are able to offer full advise on draught proofing problems or as some will spell it ....... draught excluders. The draught proofing range of draught excluders is capable of sealing any style of window or door regardless of the size! The exciting range of draught excluders has been designed by us over many years.

We are able to draught proof from the size of a cat flap to massive aircraft hangers!

Technical advice is offered on how to seal any particular type of window, wether you have old Victorian sliding sash timber windows, modern PVCU windows or aluminium windows. You could have a church door or even an aircraft hanger requiring new draght excluders. We will be able to help!

We are able to advise on Draught proofing any poor fitting window or door with our full comprehensive range of draught excluders, utilising many types of rigid and flexible parts for our sealing range of draught excluder and sealing products.

Performance of draught excluders is important. There is a range of draft excluders to increase the performance of a door or window to severe performance. Conforming to the specification laid down in BS7386 : 1997 “Specification for Draught Strips for the draught control of existing doors and windows in housing (including test methods)”

The many choices of extrusions in PVC, EPDM, Silicone, Polypropylene, Nylon, Aliminium, Plastic and Neoprene also many self adhesive backed sections which can be split virtually any width X any hight. To offer sealing not just for draughts but also noise reduction and dust rejection as well as to stop insects and other vermin from being able to enter via gaps under doors and windows.

Some household doors and windows already incorporate a weather strip groove or the old seals are worn or badly compressed and need replacing. We will need to see samples of the old parts of waether strip to be able to match against.

We have a full range of industrial draught excluders for all types of industrial doors, upgrading from concertina style closing doors, shop front doors to aircaft hanger doors.

We sell a range of very high temperature seals for all industrial size oven or kilns.

We have made seals previously for up to 1300 degrees c on a hanger door to allow an aeroplane to pass without fire problems!

Over the years we have also gained many customers in the rubber extrusion and plastic extrusion maarket.

We also stock or have easy access to many standard shape sections, with delivery being just a few days.

We welcome any drawings to offer a competetive quotation through to production of your extruded parts.

We also welcome moulding enquiries in rubber or plastic and full advice is available by fax, telephone or e-mail.

We welcome your enquiries.

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